It sucks when your out and about and you get a flat tire. Here are ten easy steps to change your bike tire.

  1. Loosen the nuts that hold the axle to the frame. If they are extremely tight, spray some lubricant on the nuts a silicone lubricant or even vegetable oil will do the trick. 
  2. Next you can use the handle of a spoon or similar object if you don’t have tire levers to pry it off the rim but be very careful, as you risk scratching or damaging the rims of the wheel and/or puncturing the inner tube.
  3. Ease one lever in under the wheel rim and lever out the edge of the tire (taking great care not to puncture the inner tube) and pry it up over the wheel rim. Move around the rim about an eighth of the circumference and repeat the process again. Remove the tire 
  4. Next you fill the inside of the tire and see if the is anythings in the tire to pop your tire again
  5. Then insert the tube the same way you took the tube off.
  6. After you did all these steps put the tire back on and put it on the frame of the bike
  7. Then tighten the nuts on the bike and make sure you don’t strip it
  8. Then air up your bike don’t over fill it will pop!
  9. The now you are ready to ride your bike.
  10. Step ten is to have fun and be safe.!